Personal Trainer Shares Clubbell Training Tips

Doing the Reclining leg press is one of the worst things you could do to your back. The leg press is a fairly common exercise which aims to work out the quadriceps, gluteshamstring and hamstrings. However you really have to exercise a lot of caution that you don’t bend your legs too far otherwise your back can get hurt. A far better exercise are the clubbell swipes. You can get a great explanation of this fantastic exercise at

If you insist on doing the leg press then you are better off following some precautions given by trainers working with clubbells. Strictly avoid sliding your butt of the machine and don’t let your legs stretch at an angle of ninety degrees.

Swinging clubs takes a fair amount of practice, so start light!

Prevent the squat on the Smith machine

The smith machine has some really rigid bars which do not give way at all. The body is pushed into uncomfortable positions as the feet can be pushed forward. This is a risky exercise as it exposes the body to potential muscle pulls.

Clubbell trainers will help you do a safer version of the squat. It’s not necessary to use weights while squatting but if you are really insist on it there is a safe process. Just stand straight with about a hips distance between your feet. Start lowering your body slowly and keep your back straight.

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Your body weight should rest over your feet and the heels of your feet should rest directly on the floor. If you can put your body down and manage a right angle bend in your knees then your squat is going to be perfect.