Boosting Your Personal Training Income with the best personal trainer course

To keep up with the rising cost of living, every business and working person would require a boost in profits and income earning, respectively. As a personal trainer you would fall almost in between the said two categories – part business, part personal. Raising your training fees is of course the more practical way of increasing your income, but clients might not take favourably to regular increases in fees. In fact, you could probably lose a few clients in the process. So look at a few other alternatives as mentioned below:

How qualifications help

You probably have certifications from the best personal trainer course you attended. Such certifications could be sufficient to put your foot in the door as a personal trainer. If you have the capacity and means you should look at going further up the ladder as a higher qualified trainer.

There could be opportunities and training institutes which require more qualified trainers and offering higher salaries. Celebrities, film stars etc would be willing to pay extra for a well-qualified fitness trainer.

Self advertising

Besides your normal fitness class you could look giving group fitness workshop sessions in your neighbourhood. Since almost everyone would like to become fit, you would probably get a good attendance.

You could inform people about the type of physical fitness classes you run, how fitness goals can be achieved, and share other fitness related information. You need to keep a record of names of people who attend the workshop so you can follow up for future business opportunities.

Event opportunities

When you feel you are going through a slow business season, perhaps you could organize some special fitness events with a cover charge. During your PTCertifications you will have dealt with sessions on yoga, running a bootcamp and other outdoor fitness programmes. Use this knowledge to organize a special camp and charge an appropriate fee.

Other opportunities

It may happen that one of your clients has visiting family members. You could check whether the visitors would be interested in a few fitness sessions during their stay. You could do single training sessions or group sessions which the family would probably enjoy. If the stay is longish, it could result in a neat extra pay packet for you.

Using ‘overload’ to your advantage

You may be one of the lucky personal fitness trainers who are fully booked and cannot take on new clients. This is also an area which could work out to your advantage. Make contact with another trainer who has certifications from your personal trainer courses and pass on the additional clients you are not able to accommodate. As a business arrangement you could take a cut from the fee the second trainer charges.


So make the most of any and all opportunities you get to earn that extra bit of income. You are not a salaried employee who can depend on annual increments. Gyms do have personal trainers to help train their clients, but such arrangement could be on a per session basis. Otherwise fitness training is a personally run business and you will only get what you put into it.